Wesley & Walter Bellora

B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. was established in July 1966 by the late Rinaldo Natale Bellora and the late Luigi Giordana. Rinaldo was an artisan from Italy who worked at the world famous Graziano Lathes in Tortona a Company where they manufactured Graziano lathes. After immigrating to South Africa in 1952, he worked for H. R. Lasch (Pty) Ltd, in Germiston, machining parts for the overhead Lasch cranes. Luigi, also an artisan from Italy had worked for the Italian Air Force and Fiat Automobile manufacturers in Torino as a grinder.

Grinding jobs for customers such as Nordberg Ltd. and E.C. Lenning Ltd enabled B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. to steadily expand and in 1967 they found a niche in the market to service a steel mill called Union Steel Corporation Ltd. in Vereeniging. By 1979 guide rollers, shear blades and various tackle for Vaal Works and Klipworks were being reconditioned.

In December 1979 Walter Bellora followed in his father’s footsteps and learnt the ropes of servicing the steel mills. B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. then began to manufacture guide rollers, shear blades, guides, shafts and various tackle for the steel mills, always trying to find new ways of improving the various items.

Since then, B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. has grown from strength to strength and is still growing every part of the business. Working with the best precision grinding, milling and turning machines. Manufacturing of guide rollers, guides, blades and various tackle for the steel mills, makes the range of work in the industry almost endless.


B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. is committed to the industry and specifically to the products of the steel mills for ArcelorMittal S.A Ltd. (Newcastle, Pretoria and Vereeniging). The quality and delivery is of a very high standard and B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. takes pride in being one of the better sub-contractors of ArcelorMittal products for Newcastle, Pretoria and Vereeniging. The employees of B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. must be highly praised for their efforts and positive attitude towards their work, many of them already 2nd generation coming through the business.

To date B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. manufacture in excess of 820 different articles, of which over 16860 items have been delivered in one calendar year.


Rinaldo Natale Bellora
20/12/1922  –  27/09/1998

Luigi Giordana
11/10/1918  –  07/07/2001


Third generation – Wesley Bellora joined the company in August 2008 he has a hands on approach to learning, programming, machining and managing the various facets of the company. Wesley together with management and the employees has taken the company to a higher level in technology and administration. Achieving the compliancy level and certification for the company’s Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2008 ID Number 9105075812 together with TUV Rheinland , Certificate Registration Number : 01 100 828275.

This achievement is a step in a positive and future direction for the company.
B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd. will strive to employ its engineering expertise and continue to provide the quality to new and refurbished range of products, thereby benefitting the industry and our clients by optimising the plant, equipment and employees. To create through our endeavours total satisfaction, peace of mind and wealth for all stakeholders. Wesley is fully responsible for the technology innovations at B.C.F. Precision Grinding Works (Pty) Ltd.